Text Analytics

Opinion Mining

We mine and quantify customer sentiment to provide actionable intelligence. Our opinion mining tool extracts from various sources - including internal documents like customer surveys, contact forms, service logs and external sources like social media, online forums and review platforms.

Entity Recognition

Our text analytics suite enables you to identify and extract keywords or "Named Entities" from your data pool. Identify and extract names of people, places, dates of important events and Organizations from your repository. Named Entity Recognition is a prequel to extracting Intelligence on the location of your customer base, competitor organizations and products, event detection and so on.


We classify vast document corpora as per business requirements - based on genre, period, language or any other relevant business rule. This ensures easy maintenance and a logical clustering of documents for quick accessibility and automated information extraction.


Considering the enormous size of unstructured textual data on the web today and the rapid rate at which it is growing, it becomes imperative to gather the crux of online content. Our summarizer is meant just for doing this. It summarizes the content of documents or posts or any other form of online data source in a nutshell and provides just the gist of it, highlighting the salient points. This also comes with an in-built feature for specific information or field extraction if need be.