Geo Spatial Analytics

Location Intelligence

Location based and context aware intelligence has became a strategic planning input. It helps organizations understand their customer better. The volume of data with a geospatial reference has exploded in recent years owing to social media and Internet of Things. Our locationSeer platform integrates geo-aware data with location intelligence to provide unique insights not available other wise. Our platform provides our clients with Demographic, Economic and Lifestyle related inputs for a location of their interest, helping them make the most of their data.

Catchment Area Analysis

Location-based customer segmentation is a powerful means to provide tailor-made offerings for various customer segments and outperform competition. Through our catchment area analysis platform, we enable our clients to know where their customers live and understand the demographic profile of their customer base. These form the basis of several of their key decisions such as choosing the location of their next retail store, delivery zone and so on.


Our geovisualization suite targets knowledge discovery through visual expression of data. We employ web based mapping tools which visualize geospatial data. Through interactive dashboards, we facilitate our clients to create customized visuals and reports as per their need. Use of robust visual analytics methods and business intelligence tools ensures a seamless customer experience. They simplify and present both a holistic picture of the enormous magnitude of data and at the same time help visualize key elements and details.