Association Miner

Predict customer preference from past purchases across your user base. Our Association Miner is based on predictive analysis algorithms which forecast customer preference from past purchases across your user base. This solution identifies relationships across products and provides ‘customer who bought this also bought’ type of recommendation. These insights come in useful especially for business analysts and marketing divisions of organizations.

Review Recommender

Predict the best product based on your user Reviews. Our Review Analyzer solution aims at throwing light on the most talked about or the most significant features of products in the market from the end user's point of view. This helps organizations understand what their customers like and dislike about their products and incorporate timely enhancements or modifications to ensure customer satisfaction. This solution can also provide competitive intelligence on products from competitors.

Social Recommender

Your customers' Social Circle determines their purchasing habit. Social Recommender bases its predictions about users' tendency to purchase commodities on their social inputs. This solution is capable of predicting the type of purchase, time of purchase and to a certain extent the volume of purchase taking into account the historical patterns of purchases made by users.