Social Media


To make the most of social media data, listening to what your audience has to say about you, making sense of the data and obtaining business intelligence from it are crucial to understand your customer needs better and provide an exceptional customer experience. Our social media monitoring platform gathers information from various social channels, consolidates them and extracts the most relevant topics and key concepts pertaining to brands, products, technologies or any commodity of interest to our clients. This information is key to various decision making bodies of organizations such as brand marketing, strategic planning, product pricing, PR and early warning detection


Gaining insights on a real-time basis about perception trends on the web and public opinion facilitates understanding trends, opinions, moods and triggers in society. Our social media analysis suite employs various algorithms to compute several metrics for perception measurement like sentiment score for brands on the whole, specific product features, strength of associations between entities and so on. These measures enable our clients to realize tangible benefits from social media monitoring and analysis.


The insights derived by monitoring and measuring social media content need to be made actionable. This is what our engagement model is meant to do. Our social intelligence platform creates highly effective advertising campaigns on social channels, thus enabling our clients to route targeted campaigns to the relevant audience. The platform solution also computes the probability of conversion of general public to customers for our clients. Based on this measure, our clients target prospective customers and engage them through optimised publishing strategies in order to ensure conversions.